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We Protect Your Stuff From Extreme Weather!

Many people have expensive things just sitting on their property, completely exposed to the elements, rotting & decaying by the day. Thats why A7 Buildings offers affordable, custom metal buildings and carports to protect their stuff. It’s really easy! We help you design your building, then you make a down payment to secure the order, and finally, our team delivers and installs the building for FREE! There is only a limited amount of time before your equipment is ruined and needs to be replaced. Our clients have peace of mind because they don’t have to worry about covering their stuff when it rains or theft when they’re away from their home or business. All because our metal buildings provide the security and protection they need. We service both residential and commercial applications. A7 Buildings offers a variety of the following metal buildings; Shops, Workshops, Garages, Carports, RV Covers, Commercial Buildings, Agricultural Buildings and Custom Buildings.

Based in San Angelo, Texas

Where to buy a Metal Building?

Choosing where you get your metal building from or who will build it, is an important decision. We believe in protecting your stuff that is exposed outside from extreme weather. Thats why customer satisfaction is a top priority at A7 Buildings. Because we don’t want you to worry.

We’ve been in your shoes and we’re here to help. Our products help protect your investments from the elements at relatively low cost. Whether you own one or two cars or trucks, travel trailers, motorhomes, ATVs, boats, RV’s or other types of off-road vehicles, we can provide you peace of mind!

We also offer metal barns and other steel buildings for animal shelters, feed storage, equipment storage, and practically any other ag use you could think of. Not to mention that we can build custom commercial buildings as well. Its really easy! We help you design your building, next you make a down payment to secure the order, and lastly our team will deliver and install the building for FREE!

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Shops & Workshops



Carports & RV Covers



Commercial Buildings



Agricultural Buildings


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We will help you design your building using our proprietary software.



Once your building is designed. Pay your deposit to secure the order. 



Sit back and relax because our professional team will do the rest.

Don’t Let Your Stuff Rot & Decay

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It’s only a matter of time before your equipment is ruined and will have to be replaced.

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Here at A7 Buildings we believe in putting God first!

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12 and 14 gauge tubular framing is much cheaper than I-Beam.


Engineered to meet a specific snow and/or wind load.

Limited Warranty

On workmanship, tubular framing, and sheeting/trim.

Metal Buildings:

Whatever Your Needs, Chances Are We Can Build It!

Width: 20 | Length: 21 | Height: 8

18x26x8 vertical, premium, one car garage.

Width: 18 | Length: 26 | Height: 8

Width: 18 | Length: 31 | Height: 12

30x41x11 shop with 10x10 roll-up door, window, and a walk-in door.

Width: 30 | Length: 41 | Height: 11

Our Buildings Protect Your Stuff!

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